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Hello and welcome to Walk in the Parks!

We’re Charlotte and Carl, a married couple with an unhealthy obsession with theme parks. After spending most of our disposable income and annual leave chasing Disney magic and roller coaster thrills, we decided we may as well start a blog about it.

We are by no means experts. We’ve hardly scraped the surface when it comes to sampling what the world has to offer and neither of us even knew what air time was until two years ago. But we’re passionate and we want to create a space where we can share our memories.

So what can you expect?

Lots of Disney chatter, trip reports and lists of the things we do (and don’t like). Our opinions often differ, so we’re going to share both where we can.

Ultimately, we’re doing this as a bit of fun for us so nothing will be too structured. We spent two weeks on our honeymoon in Orlando last year so we have lots of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando opinions to share.

As for 2018, we’re heading to Alton Towers next week and have trips to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Disneyland Paris planned. We’re pretty sure there’ll be a few other additions along the way too.

Side note: This has all basically changed now because we decided to throw caution to the wind and book another Orlando holiday this year. You never know, we might get to Blackpool to ride Icon if we can muster up the spare cash!

About us


Thirty year old freelance writer from Leeds. Strident Hufflepuff and Harry Potter fanatic. I have a Particular love for rides that tell a story and take me with it. My favourite Park is Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and my favourite ride is Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. As it’s my job, I do *most* of the writing for this blog.


Thirty-something facilities coordinator from Bradford. Avid Bradford City fan and wrestling lover. He is all about the thrills but appreciates some good theming when he sees it. His favourite park is Universal Studios and his favourite ride is The Incredible Hulk. Responsible for most of the creative ideas and funny jokes.

And that’s it! We hope the three people reading this enjoy hearing about our theme park escapades!




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