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13th May 2018 5 min read
Magic Kingdom

We will start out by being blatantly honest, we took the idea of our dream day in the Magic Kingdom from the fabulous Dis Unplugged: Universal Edition. They did a really fun episode about their perfect day in Universal and it sparked a great conversation between the two of us. Please do go and give those guys a listen if you don’t already. The Dis Unplugged team are all amazing and their honest advice has been super helpful to us during the planning stages of our Orlando holidays.

Please also be aware that this is by no means best practice advice for how to do a park day so the ride orders probably won’t make sense or be the best use of time. We don’t want to lead anyone astray, we just want to share our dream day! We’re also only choosing five attractions as we’re assuming we don’t have fastpasses and the queues are average for a Disney holiday.

So now the admin is out of the way, this is how we would both spend a dream day in the Magic Kingdom.

Dream Magic Kingdom Hotel

Carl’s Pick

Having only stayed at a few onsite hotels, I’m going to choose this purely on desire rather than experience. I’m sure most people would choose a deluxe resort like the Contemporary or the Grand Floridian, but as I’m just a simple lad from Bradford – and I like simple things – Disney’s Art of Animation is where I’d stay. Why? Because my favourite Disney character is Scar (I know it’s messed up, right?) and this resort has a giant Scar statue in the Lion King area! Take my money, I’m there.

Charl’s Pick

Unlike Carl, I like the more luxurious things in life so my choice would 100% be the Polynesian. I’ve never been here (although we will be visiting during our next trip) but I love the look of it. The theming is fantastic, the restaurants sound yummy and the bars look incredible. It doesn’t look as stuffy as some of the other deluxe resorts so if budget wasn’t an issue, this is where I’d stay.

Dream Magic Kingdom Breakfast

Be Our Guest

Carl’s Pick

Be Our Guest for sure. I love the theming in this place, so that alone is enough to make it a must-do, but I also love the food. I had the Feast A La Gaston last time which was delicious and it’s a great way to start a magical day. It’s one of our favourite places to dine in Walt Disney World so this was always going to be on the list for me.

Charl’s Pick

I’m with Carl on this one I’m afraid, so it’s Be Our Guest for me too. I’d get a pre-park opening breakfast so I could roam around Main Street with very few people around and get some good pics of the castle. The pastries are to die for too!

Dream Magic Kingdom Morning Rides

People Mover

Carl’s Picks

What better attraction to start with – especially after a big breakfast – than a nice relaxing journey through Tomorrowland. As you might be able to guess, it’s off to the People Mover I go.

After that I’d stroll over to the complete other side of the park and head to Pirates of the Caribbean to experience one of the best classic dark rides at Disney. “Yo ho yo ho a Pirates life for me” indeed.

Charl’s Picks

I’d also head to Tomorrowland, but I’d go straight to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. I know this isn’t the most technologically advanced ride in the Magic Kingdom but I just love it. I have fond family memories from this attraction and I don’t think a trip here would be complete without it.

Prince Erics Castle

Next I’d venture to Fantasyland – one of my favourite themed areas in Walt Disney World – to ride Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid. I love this film and the ride is a boatload of fun. I’d also head to see Ariel straight after because she’s just the best <3

Dream Lunch at Magic Kingdom

Carl’s Pick

For lunch (or dinner, as we call it in Yorkshire) I’d go to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. I know, it’s another trek back across the park! We ate here on our Disney travel day last year so I suspect it was just because we were mega tired and frazzled, but the chicken nuggets and fries were amazeballs.

Charl’s Pick

I haven’t actually eaten here but I’ve heard really good things about the shrimp in Columbia Harbour House so I’d head there. I really fell in love with the shrimp in Orlando so I’d eat as much as possibly on my dream day in the Magic Kingdom.

Dream Magic Kingdom Afternoon Rides

Carl’s Pick

Once lunch was out of the way, I’d stay in Tomorrowland and pay a visit to the Carousel of Progress. I love this relaxing journey through the 1900’s and the amazing song that I can guarantee would be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Awesomeness personified. 

I’d stop to watch the Festival of Fantasy parade at this point too, but after that it would be time to get serious. Dead serious. Like ‘heading to see a dead bride’ serious (get it?!) – Haunted Mansion here I come.

After stopping for a dole whip and a nice nosy around Adventureland, I’d end the day with a bang with a ride on Big Thunder Mountain hopefully just as the sun was setting.

Charl’s Picks

As I’d be close to the area, I’d go straight to Haunted Mansion. I love this ride and think it’s the perfect way to let your lunch settle. I’d also spend some time browsing Memento Mori as this shop is seriously cool.

Next up would be a walk to Adventureland – hopefully via the Festival of Fantasy Parade – for a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. An amazing dark ride that literally gives me tingles every time I go on it.

I’d finish off on Splash Mountain. Even if I did get wet I wouldn’t mind, as this is just a great ride with incredible theming.

Magic Kingdom Dinner & Evening Entertainment

Mickeys Not So Scary

Carl’s Picks

It would now be time for my evening meal (or tea as we call it ‘up north’). As you leave Big Thunder Mountain you come to a lovely quick service Mexican restaurant called Pecos Bill Tall Tail Inn and Cafe which is just the ticket after a long day at the park. After that I’d do a little bit of retail therapy before securing my spot for a great view of Happily Ever After – the perfect end to a magical day.

Charl’s Picks

I’d be ready for a proper sit down meal by this point, so would go to Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen which is delicious and has a fantastic menu. I’m going to cheat with my evening activity – because it’s my dream day and I can! – and say I’d go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party so I can meat some characters, watch the parade and fireworks and do everything all over again!

What would your dream day in the Magic Kingdom look like? Do you agree with our choices?


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