Our 5 Best Roller Coasters in the UK

20th May 2018 5 min read


Since our content has been pretty Disney heavy over the last few weeks, we wanted to bring it back to our homeland by sharing our best roller coasters in the UK. We’ll do this as we always do, by both listing our favourites without consulting each other beforehand. There are lots of rides we love here in blighty that aren’t coasters, but we’ll save sharing those for a later date. Today, it’s all about the thrills.

So without further ado, let’s go!

Charl’s 5 Best Roller Coasters in the UK

1. Wickerman, Alton Towers

We talked about how much we both LOVED this ride in our Alton Towers trip report, but just to paraphrase – it’s amazing! Easily my best roller coaster in the UK now, not because it’s the most intense ride around but because the coaster and the theming come together to create something truly special. It’s thrilling, feels much faster than it is and the first drop really is something else. I think this has set a new standard for UK parks and I can’t wait to see how everyone else follows.

2. Stealth, Thorpe Park

Stealth by Matthew Wells

Photo by Matthew Wells from Flickr

When I was queuing for this I was – excuse my French – shitting it. I’m always scared to ride launch coasters because they make my stomach flip, and this was the fastest one I’d ever ridden by far. I literally spent the whole time asking Carl why I’d put myself in such a position. Once we got on, however, it was a totally different story; I LOVED it. Fast, thrilling and downright terrifying, it’s what all good coasters should be. If I don’t come off saying it went too quick, I usually know it’s a good ride. One of the best in the UK by far for me.

3. Velocity, Flamingo Land

I know the general consensus isn’t that this is an amazing ride, but I absolutely love it. I’ve only ever ridden Velocity with a group of friends and it was just so much fun, I literally laughed the whole way round. It’s not a super fast launch but it packs a punch and there’s tons of airtime to keep you holding on for dear life. Just a great ride that is a barrel of laughs.

4. Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park

Nemesis has always been one of my favourite coasters in the UK but during our first trip to Thorpe Park last year, I felt like Nemesis Inferno beat it. This was completely unexpected. After all the reviews I was 100% ready to hate it, but I felt like it was much smoother and I generally just enjoyed it more. The vertical loop was so intense I nearly blacked out too, which is a sure sign of a good ride. Maybe we got Inferno on a good day, or maybe it was just because it was shiny and new but this wins the Nemesis race for me!

5. Th13teen, Alton Towers

Thirteen by Garyholc

Photo by Garyholc from Flickr

Sorry to pick another one from Alton Towers but I do genuinely think this and Thorpe Park have the best rides I’ve experienced in the UK. There’s not much to say about this one that’s probably not been said before; the section in the woods packs a punch in terms of speed and height, and the surprise section in the dark gets me every time. It’s the only coaster I’ve been on that has this kind of gimmick and I think that is what makes it so special to me. A must-do every time I visit Alton Towers and a coaster I enjoy more and more every time I ride it.

Carl’s 5 Best Roller Coasters in the UK

1. Wickerman

My list is a bit Alton Towers heavy and since it’s my favourite UK park, I guess that isn’t really a surprise. I gave my thoughts on Wickerman in our Alton Towers trip report blog in April, but to sum up in a few words; this is hands down the best roller coaster in the UK. It has amazing theming, an enjoyable queue for a geek like me – I love seeing the ride so close and from so many different angles – a brilliant pre-show and a cracking coaster. As I’ve said before – go ride the Wickerman to find out how good it is for yourself.

2. The Smiler, Alton Towers

The Smiler by Mat Hanley

Photo by Matt Hanley from Flickr

A controversial choice here. The history of The Smiler is well documented but I still can’t wait to get on it every time we visit Alton Towers. I love the soundtrack and sometimes just hum it to myself at work and how disorientated you feel after all the inversions. As mad as it sounds, I even like the exit which adds to the overall feeling of confusion. I love the forces of all 14 inversions and the vertical lift hill is mega. All the right boxes ticked for me!

3. Nemesis, Alton Towers

Not sure what I can say about this that hasn’t been said before. It’s an amazing coaster and I love every aspect of it. Before our trip to the USA this was actually the second best coaster I’d ever been on. It’s been knocked off the pedestal now that I’ve been on its bigger brother, the beauty that is Montu at Busch Gardens.

4. Mumbo Jumbo, Flamingo Land

Mumbo Jumbo

Flamingo Land is the park I’ve visited most and for good reason because it’s awesome. If you haven’t been, drop everything you’re doing and go, unless you’re reading this at night in which case, drop everything and go tomorrow! What a lovely little coaster this is. It’s just a ride I really enjoy. When it opened it was the world’s steepest coaster made of steel and I remember it being very cool having a world’s first at home in Yorkshire. I find myself laughing on this ride a lot too, which is always a good sign – lovely stuff.

5. Swarm, Thorpe Park

A really fun coaster with great theming for a UK park. The little turnaround at the top of the lift hill is great and I love riding through the sign! This is the only wing coaster I’ve been on and I love how smooth it is. A great job done by Thorpe Park.

What are your best roller coasters in the UK? And which parks to we need to visit to find some new ones for our list?


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