Our Dream Day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

31st May 2018 6 min read

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

We know it has a bit of a reputation as the home of stag and hen do’s but we love Blackpool. For many reasons it’s a very special place to us as a couple and we’ve had some fantastic days there together. Like all good theme park fans, we couldn’t possibly visit without a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It’s pretty much the law to go there, right? Well, it’s not actually the law, but it should be.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a wonderful park and one of our favourite places to go – so it just seemed right to do a ‘dream day’ blog for it. Like in our dream day in Magic Kingdom post, we’ve chosen a hotel, breakfast, two morning rides, lunch, three afternoon rides and are assuming we’re visiting when late night riding and fireworks are on. That way we have a nice bit of evening entertainment to enjoy before we wonder off to ‘enjoy’ the nightlife Blackpool has to offer. There is no doubt that this would be messy.

What will be different is we’ll both be choosing our dream rides but where food, drink and hotel options at Blackpool Pleasure Beach are concerned, our choice will be joint. We both have the same opinions so there is absolutely no point in repeating what we have to say.

It’s also worth pointing out that, due to our strict Florida budget, we haven yet had the chance to ride Icon so it isn’t included on this list. We don’t think it would be fair to include it until we get the chance to ride it ourselves. Don’t doubt though that this is the first ride we’ll visit when we next head to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Living in Yorkshire, we are close enough to not have to stay overnight when we visit Blackpool but for the purpose of this – and the messy night out mentioned above – we’ve chosen one. We both agree we’d probably try the Big Blu Hotel which is located just outside Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It’s in a great location and we just think it looks pretty cool. It seems like a more than adequate place to rest our weary and drunken heads at the end of the day.


McDonald's Breakfast

Even though the Big Blu Hotel is just round the corner from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, we’d go out of our way to find a McDonald’s. A plain and simple Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin with a Hash Brown and a nice Latte would do just nicely for both of us. This is the way we start every single UK theme park day and we never want that to change.

Morning Rides

Carl’s Picks

My first ride of choice would be the best dark ride in the UK, Valhalla. This is an amazing ride with wonderful effects and a bit (ok a lot) of water. Plus, it’s got fire which pretty much makes any ride infinitely better in my opinion. As the fireworks are on I know it won’t be a warm day, so a soggy bottom will be my prize for riding.

Next up it’s PlayStation. I know it’s been called Ice Blast for years, but it will always be PlayStation to me as that is what it was called when I first went on it as a kid. I love a good drop tower and will always do it if a park has one. I once chickened out on this after queueing for ages because I was extremely hungover. I never lived that one down.

Big Dipper

Charl’s Picks

Although I’m not a massive fan of the woodies at Blackpool Pleasure Beach – mostly because they bruise me to high heaven – I do have a soft spot for the Grand National, so that is where I’d be heading first. It’s well located for the first ride of the day and is a must-do for me.

After that, I’d head over to one of my favourite dark rides at Blackpool, The River Caves. Don’t get me wrong, I love a thrill ride but these take me back to my youth and just feel so nostalgic to me. I always remember wanting a ‘love tunnel’ in my bedroom as a kid. I’m glad to say I’ve grown out of that one now.


Blackpool Pier

The beauty of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach is how easy it is to come and go from the park. For lunch we’d head out to The Velvet Coaster not far from the entrance for a classic hot dog and chips and a nice refreshing ice cold beer. After that we’d mosey down to the North Pier for another drink and watch the ocean go by while the food settles before making our way back to the park for more thrills and spills.

Afternoon Rides

Carl’s Picks


The afternoon is all about the coasters! First up,  the mighty Grand National – I bloody love this thing. Sure, it throws you about and you feel like you’ve been through a pinball machine afterwards, but I love it. The interaction with the other train is what makes this and I always feel really competitive about coming out of it as the winner.

Next up would Revolution. The stairs are a killer and make me feel sick (Charlotte’s fear of heights even stops her from riding this) before I even get on the thing but it’s such a simple ride which is why I love it. I remember going on Revolution with my sister when we were young and her trying to get off after the forward loop because she didn’t realise went backwards – always makes me laugh.

Last and by no means least it’s The Big One. I would go right at the end of the night so I’d get a nighttime ride. It’s still one of my favourite coasters in the country after all these years and is fantastic in the dark! I feel just like Simply Red, without the awful 90s perm.

Charl’s Picks

Wallace and Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic

My first port of call after lunch and a stroll down the promenade would be Wallace and Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic. This is one of my favourite rides in the world. I know it’s not exactly ground breaking but Wallace and Gromit was my late Grandad’s favourite TV show and it makes me think of him. I do think it’s a pretty well-done dark ride too and I love the little scare at the end. I mean, you’re taking a venture in a slipper. what’s not to like.

Next up I’d get back on a coaster and head for Avalanche. This is the only bobsled coaster I’ve ever been on and no matter how many times I ride it, it scares the shit out of me. In my mind, a roller coaster that has no track shouldn’t be able to stay in the air. It’s a great ride and one I always do when we visit the park.

Like Carl, my last ride of the day would be The Big One. As someone with a fear of heights, this always makes me feel sick to my stomach in the queue but gives me such a thrill during the first big drop. The perfect way to end a day of riding at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Dinner & Evening Entertainment

After the rides are done it would definitely be time for more food. For dinner, we’d head to Big Pizza Buffet for unlimited pizza. You can’t really go wrong here and for theme park food we think it’s pretty yummy!

After that we’d maybe spend a bit of time hitting up the nearby arcades (Charlotte adores them) before heading back to the park to watch the fireworks – a wonderful day indeed.

What would your dream day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach look like? Do you agree with our choices?


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