We present… The Dis Cup

To get into the spirit of the World Cup, and to give us – well me – something to stick our teeth in to, we’ve decided to find out what our followers think is the best ride at Walt Disney World.

So how will The Dis Cup work?

I’ve counted all the rides that have physical queue lines in Walt Disney World (so shows like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast aren’t included – nor are character meet and greets) and drilled it down to a list of 48 Rides.

The 1st Round will be 16 matches of three rides. From this group, the top two of each will go through to round 2.

Round 2 will feature 32 rides and be in a bracket style, following the rules of a knock-out tournament – 1 vs 1 with the winner going through to the last 16.

There will then be a Quarter Final, Semi Final, a 3rd place play off and of course the all-important Final.

The match ups will be done using Twitter polls. These will go live at 8pm (UK Time), with four match ups a night in round 1. Voting will be open for you lovely people for 12 hours to give our overseas followers time to vote too.

The last ride standing will be the winner and crowned The Dis Cup Champion and carry the title of the Best ride at Walt Disney World (according to us anyway!).

The matches for the first two rounds will be determined using a tournament generator website which will be filmed to ensure there is no possible fixing – this isn’t cricket after all – so if Flight of Passage draws Expedition Everest in the first round, it’s just tough cookies.

We want to get as many people as possible to vote for this so we’ll be using the hashtags #WITPTheDisCup and #DisTwitter – If you can think of anymore we should include please let us know in the comments!

Because I’m a bit of a geek, I’ve done a lot of research for this and am going to create little fact files for each of the final eight rides which I’ll also share on Twitter. The overall winner will get a standalone blog post dedicated to it, written by yours truly.

People might ask why I’m making all this effort for a twitter poll that will probably generate no more than a few votes. Well first of all, it’s something for me to do while we’re in the frustrating portion of our Disney planning  – between booking ADRs and waiting for the fast pass window to open. Secondly, my hope is it will spark a little bit of debate in the community which could lead to conversations between people who don’t normally converse with each other. Lastly, and most importantly, it’s just a bit of fun and life is all about fun. Disney is all about fun too, so let’s all get involved and have some fun – wow I said fun a lot then!

I don’t like asking people to share our stuff but I’d love you to share and retweet this, and any related tweets ,so we can reach as many Disney fans as possible.

Keep smiling.



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