3 Merch Items On My Walt Disney World Wishlist

girl in minnie ears at Walt Disney World

We’ve been a bit rubbish at updating things here on the blog over the last few weeks. Our aim is to post at least two times a week but between football, editing our Blackpool vlog and finalising our Walt Disney World plans, we’ve not had much spare time. We seem to be managing to keep the Thursday three posts going though and we have another one for you today – all about the things I’ve got on my Walt Disney World Wishlist.

During out last trip I was a little underwhelmed by the Disney merchandise. I don’t know if I wasn’t looking in the right places, or if I just hadn’t done enough planning beforehand. There is so much on offer that I just couldn’t seem to find things that I thought ‘yeah, I’m happy to spend $70 on that.’ Well, except homeware, but I couldn’t exactly fill my case with a new set of dinner plates now could I.

This time I’m going having watched a fair few hauls and with a much better idea of what kind of merchandise I want to bring back, so I’ve actually started to form a Walt Disney World wishlist already – here’s what is on it so far.

1. A spirit Jersey and rose gold ears

spirit jersey on my Walt Disney World Wish List

Picture from Shop Disney Website

I thought I’d lump these two together because they are so Disney basic it hurts. I’m not normally a trend follower BUT I have been low key jealous of everyone wearing spirit jerseys so one of these is definitely on my Walt Disney World Wishlist.

Originally my plan was to go for rose gold but I’ve actually seen a red and navy one that *might* be a bit more fitting with my normal style. I know they had spirit Jerseys during our trip last year but I can’t remember actually seeing them anywhere, so I’m excited to browse all the different styles they have now and choose one (or two – don’t tell Carl) that feels perfectly ‘me.’

As for the rose gold ears, these were completely sold out last year and I really wanted a pair. I’m 100% buying another set of ears this year and I’m pretty sure these are the ones I’ll go for – they’re just so gorgeous I don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

2. A handbag

White rabbit handbag from Walt Disney World

Picture from Shop Disney website

I mentioned in our rookie mistakes at Walt Disney World post that I’m kicking myself for not picking up THE most gorgeous Minnie Mouse inspired Kate Spade handbag while we were there. Yes, it was expensive but I think I would have got tonnes of use out of it.

Looking at their website, it seems as though the Minnie range has ended now – sad face – so I won’t be able to invest in one of those but I would like to come back with a nice new bag.

I’d love it to be Disney themed, but I’ll have to wait and see what’s available. I’m personally not a big Dooney and Bourke fan but the Danielle Nicole bags look cute, so maybe I’ll pick up one of those. They also had a very cute white rabbit one last year that’s still on the shop Disney website. If all else fails, I might hot foot it to the outlets for a new non-Disney Kate Spade treasure.

3. Art of Disney

art from the Art of Disney store

Picture from Shop Disney website

There were a few things I could have added here (hello Starbucks park mugs) but I wanted to end with a collection we started last year. We spent well over $100 on classic ride poster prints for our house at Art of Disney. These couldn’t physically be bought in-store, we had to have them shipped to our home address.

When they arrived, they were massive. We massively misjudged the size when we ordered them. There’s lots of white space though so we can get them cut down to a more reasonable size and framed. We haven’t done this yet because it’s fairly pricey but it’s on our list of things to do over the next few months.

I’d maybe like to pick one more up, as well as a few smaller prints for my office. Disney art is one of the most beautiful things on this earth, and one of the most unique merchandise items you can get at Walt Disney World, so I think I’d be crazy not to seek some more out while we’re there.

So far, that’s everything on my Walt Disney World Wishlist. What merchandise are you desperate to get your hands on? Let me know in the comments!


Merch at WDW


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  1. 31st July 2018 / 10:27 am

    Defo a spirit jersey and some artwork on my shopping list this year.

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