5 New Things to Try at Epcot

Mission space orange is a new thing to try at Epcot

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Today I’m continuing with my Orlando bucket list with five new things to try at Epcot. I mentioned in my Disney parks trip report that I didn’t feel we really saw the best of Epcot last time so we’ve scheduled plenty of trips there in September so we can explore it to its fullest.

1. World Showcase

We didn’t spend anywhere near enough time here during our last trip which is something we’re all set to rectify. Neither of us can really remember much about the pavilions and with the exception of the UK, Mexico and Norway we basically stuck to the lakeside when walking round.

I’m so ready to try all the different foods, check out the unique shops and visit the obscure attractions hidden around world showcase. As well as a full day at the Food and Wine festival with Chris and Sarah, we have a few evenings and early mornings planned here so we can really make the most of what World Showcase has to offer.

2. World Showcase Passport

To help me along my journey through the world, I’m 100% picking up a World Showcase Passport. This is like a traditional passport, only each country in Epcot has a dedicated page you can fill out and get stamped by cast members as you venture around.

I first saw this on Brogan Tate’s Walt Disney World vlogs and think its such a great idea for a keepsake to take home with you. I also love that the cast members in each pavilion make their stamps and embellishments unique.

This will be one of the first merchandise items I buy, and I can’t wait to have a full passport to take home with me. Also, I’m probably going to combine this with the Epcot wine walk because, why the hell not!

3. Garden Grill breakfast

We were so in love with the Food and Wine festival last time that we skipped pretty much any other food in Epcot. There are so many choices here that it’s kind of overwhelming so when it came to booking an ADR I really had no idea where to start.

I was all for hitting up Teppan Edo but Carl isn’t a fan of show cookery (boo!) so we had to find something that suited us both. There are tonnes of places that look amazing but we settled on a breakfast at Garden Grill. Not only does it involve Chip & Dale (cute) but the restaurant rotates slowly through Living With the Land which we both think is pretty cool.

The breakfast here is served family style on a skillet and looks delicious – I’m especially excited for the tater tots. We’re eating here on our last full day and are hoping to hop-foot to to Soarin’ just before park open – we literally can’t wait!

4. Mission Space – orange

There aren’t really any rides we didn’t do or like at Epcot (check out our top three rides in Epcot here) but we did find Mission Space pretty meh. Although neither of us ever really suffer from motion sickness on rides, we decided to play it safe on this after reading horror stories of sickness that lasts all day.

In the end, we probably should have braved the orange level as we found green utterly dull. It didn’t really feel like anything so this time, I think we need to brave orange. I might schedule this for later in the day, just incase it makes us feel sick. If you’ve been on orange before, let us know your experiences below.

5. Meet Joy and Sadness

I’ve mentioned before that character meets make me feel a bit awkward, so we didn’t plan to do many on our last trip. In the end, I kind of enjoyed them and 100% want to do a few more this time. Inside Out is one of my favourite Pixar films and I did try to queue to meet Joy and Sadness before but the wait was really long. I want to make sure I tick this one off my list in September as it’s one of the most appealing meet and greets for me.

So that’s it, five new things to try at Epcot. What do you think? Is there anything else you’d add to the list?


new things to try at Epcot


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