5 New Things to Try at Animal Kingdom

I’m aware we’ve done a lot of pre-Florida posts recently but what can I say? We’re just so damn excited for our trip. I’m continuing on with my list of new things to try in the parks by taking an expedition (see what I did there?) to Animal Kingdom.

Although we went here twice during our last trip, we still didn’t manage to really scratch the surface, so pulling this list together was pretty easy. I best get on with it, so here are five new things to try at Animal Kingdom.

#1 Riding Flight of Passage

If you’ve read any of our blog, or watched our videos on YouTube, you’ll know we didn’t get on Flight of Passage last year as we didn’t see it on less than a three-hour wait during our trip. This time we have three fastpasses for and it we are both drowning in anticipation.

Honestly? I can’t see how this will live up to the hype – people are so, so obsessed with the ride – but I hope I’m proven wrong. The most anticipated experience of our holiday for sure.

#2 Becoming Wilderness Explorers

You know what three Flight of Passage fastpasses means? Three trips to Animal Kingdom and although the rides and shows are great in this park, there aren’t that many of them. There is a lot of nature to see though, which is something that kind of passed us by last time.

So I’m quite set on spending one day becoming wilderness explorers. What is this, you ask? Well, when you enter Animal Kingdom you can go and pick up a Wilderness Explorer handbook which gives you the opportunity to win 31 badges throughout the park. Badges are achieved by getting involved in a number of activities from digging for fossils to learning how the vets care for the animals.

Like, I know it’s aimed at 7–10 year olds, but I reckon we could have a lot of fun doing this too!

#3 Feasting at Yak & Yeti

Yak & Yeti Honey Chicken

We ate at the Yak and Yeti quick service during our last trip and it was so good, I was determined to try out the real deal. I was so keen, in fact, that this was one of the first reservations we actually made.

There is so much on the menu that I want to try here and I have no idea how I’m going to pick just one – a common problem for me! As I’ve eaten the honey chicken before, I’m going to try and choose something new but I know when the day comes, I’m going to be entirely tempted to eat that again.

Inside, this restaurant looks beautiful too. Our plan is an early dinner here, and then an evening enjoying this beautiful park after dark – the best way to try new things at Animal Kingdom.

#4 Riding Kilimanjaro Safaris at Night

Speaking of activities in the dark, we have a fastpass for Kilimanjaro Safaris as nighttime falls. We’re both super pumped for this, as we’ve heard the animals are a bit more active at night.

Last time, we hit this at midday when the animals seemed to be at their laziest so we’re hoping for a bit more activity this time.

#5 Cheeseburger Pods

Another one involving food – obviously – but the cheeseburger pods at Satu’li Canteen are a must-try new thing at Animal Kingdom. Carl is determined to beat his cheeseburger total (nine in one holiday) this year and these seem a good way to add to it.

Most people who’ve tried them say they’re pretty tasty and neither of us can wait to try them!

What do you think about my list of new things to try at Animal Kingdom? Which ones are your favourite?



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