We’re going to Disneyland Paris!

We're going to Disneyland Paris

Today is my 31st birthday. It’s also the day we reveal a little secret Carl’s been keeping for a few weeks – we’re going to Disneyland Paris!

He booked this knowing it would be a birthday present for me, so it seemed fitting to keep it under wraps until the big day. We’re heading out for three nights with our friends Chris and Sarah and we can’t bloody wait.

This wasn’t a trip we planned to take in early 2019. Chris literally text saying he’d found a cheap deal on Wowcher and that they were booking. It turned out the deal was too cheap to ignore, so we booked too.

We’re flying from Manchester and are staying at the Vienna Dream Castle, a hotel I’ve actually been too before and loved. The downside to getting a cheap deal is that you can’t choose your flight times and ours are pretty rubbish, so we only really have two full days there, but we can’t wait to soak it all up.

Its been a while since any of us went to Paris – although I know Sarah is a bit of a pro – and we couldn’t be more excited.

So, to celebrate, today’s Thursday Three is all about the three attractions we’re most excited for at Disneyland Paris.

1. Crush’s Coaster

First up is the infamous Crush’s Coaster. Lots of people talk about how good this is and we’re both pretty excited to get on it. I have ridden it once about 12 years ago but I can’t remember much, so it will be like a new experience all over again. From what we know it’s a spinning coaster based on Finding Nemo.

If you know much about us both, you’ll know that the Finding Nemo ride at Epcot is one of Carl’s least favourite rides. He literally moans every time I mention it so I’m hoping he reacts more favourably to Crush’s Coaster. I know it’s a kids coaster but I love spinning AND dark rides so I’m sure this will be a hit with me.

2. Space Mountain

Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom is one of our most overrated rides in Orlando, so we’re both really intrigued to see what the Paris version is like. Regardless of the Star Wars overlay (neither of us like Star Wars!) we are excited to get on one that isn’t so rickety and slow.

I’m sure this will be one of our favourite rides of the trip and from what I can remember the theming in the queue line is gorgeous and I LOVE a well themed queue.

3. Studio Tram Tour

I was absolutely gutted when the Backlot Tour closed at Hollywood Studios because I loved the whole experience so I’m super excited that there’s still one at Walt Disney Studios. I haven’t been on this before, and we are avoiding watching any vlogs before we go, so I have no idea if this is the same or a completely different experience.

Carl is a bit of a movie buff and I was gutted that a lot of the special effects attractions had gone from Universal and Disney before he had a chance to experience them (RIP Earthquake) so I think he’s really going to like the Studio Tram Tour.

I know this one is set to shut when Walt Disney Studios has its big expansion so I’m glad we’ll get the chance to ride it before it closes.

We are so excited for our trip to Disneyland Paris and can’t wait to share lots of posts about it with you all here on the blog. Have you ever been? What one thing do we not want to miss?


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  1. Sabra Mathias
    30th December 2018 / 3:18 pm

    You guys will be in Paris and I’ll be at MK the same day. Lol. Chris and I talked about doing a video message if we can figure out the time difference. That would be so fun.
    It’s great you all get to spend a few days together.. just know that I’m jealous. Lol.

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