We’re on a break!

Good morrow…

Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s exactly what is currently happening to us. We are going through some pretty serious stuff. It’s not a life and death situation or anything like that – we are both healthy and well, as far as we know – but things are a bit tricky and uncertain at the moment and it’s affecting us both in a lot of ways.

As a result, we don’t feel we have the drive, motivation, desire or energy to create or share any content at the moment so we’ve decided to go on a little break.

We want to thank each and every one of you. Your support in the eight months or so that we’ve been doing this has been phenomenal and we have met a lot of people we now consider friends.

We’ve made a lifelong friendship with a random Scottish and Irish couple who just happened to be at WDW at the same time as us. We were honoured to celebrate the engagement of them both out in Florida too, it was a wonderful experience and something we will never forget. Roll on Disneyland Paris in March!

We’ve made a friend for life in Ben from Zaks Adventures. He’s my brother from another mother and also happens to be my Desert Rebel partner along with the amazing Rich (FloRIchDa) Gareth (Gareth & Laura) and Simon (Simon & Lisa). We also can’t forget to thank Jocelyn (DisneyGratitud1) who is simply the nicest woman we’ve ever met and her friendship is something we value a lot. She’s amazing and you should defo check out her blog.

I could literally name hundreds of people but also a special shout out to the below for there support, advice, inspiration and friendship. I’ll just name there twitter pages but you should check out all of their channels, blogs and content Damian and India, Get Binky, Tinker Tales, See Shaun Vlog, Jason (Eighty6Point5), BooBaLooTV, Sabra, Ta Ta for Now, Nibbles & Bubbles, TeamOSullivan and Tycoon-A-Tron.

I’m probably missing some and I’m sorry for that, but we are grateful for single one of you,

For now it’s time for an extended break. But we love you all and will be back!

Until next time, keep smiling

Charlotte & Carl
Walk in the Parks


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