A little life update

At the beginning of the year we set some intentions out for both this blog and our theme park plans for 2019.

One of them was to be a bit more active than we had been towards the end of 2018, with a mild aim to post at least once a week. Well, it’s safe to say we didn’t quite manage that one. In fact, we haven’t posted anything since mid-January.

So I thought it was about time I grabbed a cuppa (or a Pepsi Max in my case) and had a little chat about what’s been going on.

There’s no big reason why blogging has fallen by the wayside for us so far in 2019 except we’ve been really really busy.

Some of you will know (although most of you probably don’t) that I (Charlotte) have been self employed and running my own business for the last two years.

Well, at the end of 2018 I made the decision to go back to full time employment. During January I spent most of my time looking for work and by the end of the month had accepted a new role in a new city of York.

As my intention was to travel to my new job by train, we made the decision to move to a new house closer to a train station. Within a few weeks we had found a place (the joy of renting) and started packing up our things ready to move.

I’m writing this from our new house and I have to admit that on reflection, it’s been a mental few months. Going back to full-time work – while still doing some freelance bits on the side – is really taking a bit of getting used to!

We’re happy to report though that we love our new home and the village we live in. It has everything we need; a few pubs, and Aldi and a banging curry house just down the road.

With regards to our plans for 2019, everything is a bit up in the air. We head to Disneyland Paris in 10 days, and had some grand plans for a trip to Germany and the Netherlands for some quality theme park action later in the year.

The reality is that the cost of moving is no joke, and has meant that these plans are probably unrealistic. Our only hope is that we can make it to Phantasialand and buy some Merlin Annual Passes to get some of the remaining UK parks ticked off our bucket list.

So just a short and sweet entry from us today to chat about where we’ve been and what we’re doing. We have some great posts lined up for you over the next few weeks and we hope to be back to our best very soon!

Until then, keep smiling!


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