European Trip: Most Anticipated Rides

18th September 2019 5 min read

There’s only four days to go until we embark on our European theme park trip.

With the trip so close we thought it was only right we shared the things we’re both looking forward to on this blog.

We’re breaking this down by sharing the three rides we each can’t wait to get on. This is set to be a long one so without further ado, let’s get going with our list of most anticipated rides on our European trip.

Phantasialand: Most Anticipated

Taron at Phantasialand is one of the parks in our European theme park trip



This multi-launch Intamin coaster looks fierce as fuck and makes the top three list of so many people who’ve ridden it. I think this is the most anticipated ride of my whole trip (with Symbolica coming in as a close second). As we’re staying onsite we also get to ride this in extra evening hours – fingers crossed it’s dark!

Maus Au Chocolat

I was tied between this and Mystery Castle for the second spot but as my love for Toy Story Midway Mania! is no secret, I’m really excited to get on a similar ride. I love interactive dark rides and I’m sure this one won’t disappoint.


Ever since I first discovered that Phantasialand existed I’ve been dying to ride Chiapas. I love a good log flume and this one looks like it has it all, theming, thrills and a good splashing. We’ll be going on this no matter the weather, but I am praying the sun is shining so we dry off quick!



If there was such a thing as roller coaster porn then by the looks of Taron, this ride this would be it. I highly expect it to challenge Hulk for my number one coaster of all time.


I love top spins and haven’t been on a double sided one before. The last one I remember going on was at Flamingo land years ago. The fire and water effects and well as the theming make this a highly anticipated attraction.


Who doesn’t love a good water ride? This one looks incredible and even has a little rave in the middle! Let’s have it.

Toverland: Most Anticipated




One of the things I’ve become quite enamoured with as I’ve started visiting a bigger variety of parks is the spinning coaster. So although there’s lots to get excited about in Toverland I think Dwervelwind the Mack spinning coaster is at the top of my list. Although I think Booster Bike may give it a run for it’s money as Velocity (the same coaster in Flamingo Land) is actually one of my top 10 rollercoasters.

Merlin’s Quest

I purposefully haven’t paid too much attention to POVs, choosing instead to be surprised by the rides when we get Toverland. Merlin’s Quest looks excellent though and looks to have a bit of everything I love in a ride.


This GCI woodie looks right up my street. I haven’t been on a wooden coaster of this scale since Megaphobia at Oakwood so I’m excited to experience the pure speed and thrill of this phenomenal looking beast.



I love a woodie. Well I say that, I’ve only ever been Wickerman and the woodies at Pleasure Beach so im extremely happy to get on what I call a proper woodie. A modern woody. A GCI modern woody. WOODY. You could say I’m slightly excited for this. And before anyone says in their best geek voice ‘ermmm actually Wickerman is a GCI’, I know it is but I reckon this is going to smash Wickerman all over and I’m extremely excited for it – so give me a break.


The Swarm is one of my favourite roller coasters in the UK so of course Fenix is on my must do list. It looks beautiful and the whole Avalon area is stunning. From the videos and photos I’ve seen it reminds me of Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando.

Maximus’ Blitz Bahn

This is a very unique looking ride that looks a lot of fun. As the official website says, it’s ‘the old fashioned bobsleigh turned into an electronic speed demon’. It should be a great ride but I can’t promise I won’t pretend to be Sanka Coffie from Cool Runnings… “Nuff people say they know they can’t believe”.

Toverland also has a Milka Shop which I’m VERY excited for!

Efteling: Most Anticipated




I can’t even begin to explain my excitement for this ride. To me Symbolica is everything good about large scale dark rides and I’m so hyped to finally get on it. As you can take a couple of different journeys on this ride, I’m sure I’ll be dragging Carl on it time and time again.

Baron 1898

Baron 1898 – a B&M dive coaster – is often touted as the best themed roller coaster in the world. I don’t know too much about it but the thing looks spectacular, let’s hope it’s rides as good as it looks.

Fairytale Forest

This isn’t technically a ride bit I couldn’t do a top three without it. Efteling looks like an incredibly magical park, with the Fairytale Forest being the centrepiece. A walk through attraction, can already tell I’m going to fall in love with the beautiful theming in this area.


As a caveat, I don’t know much about Efteling – this is more a park for Charlotte – but the three rides I’m most looking forward to are…

Baron 1898

This will be my third dive coaster experience. I think Oblivion is absolute pap but accept it was the first of its kind and may have been a big deal in 1998 (My first visit to Alton Towers wasn’t until 2015) but I adored Shiekra at Busch Gardens. I’m expecting this to be somewhere in-between the two but the theming alone has me excited to ride it.

The Flying Dutchman 

Or De Vliegende Hollander as it’s known in its native language is a great looking water coaster. I love water rides and love coasters so bang to rights that I’ll love this, right?

Villa Volta 

This is a vekoma madhouse but not only that, it’s the 1stever mad house. That’s a little bit of history right there. I love HEX and imagine, even though the story is in Dutch, I’ll love this too.

So there you have it, our three most anticipated rides of our European trip. Make sure you come back in the coming weeks to see if they lived up to our expectations!

Have you ever been to any of these parks? Which rides do we need to make sure we don’t miss?

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