The reality of writing a ‘Disney’ blog with no Disney trip planned

13th November 2019 3 min read

I’ve been trying to find the words to write this post for a while now.

Words that will accurately convey how weird we’ve both been feeling for the last few months. Why we’ve stepped away from this blog, our Twitter account, our YouTube channel and, most importantly, some of our friends.

So right now I’m gonna try.

It wasn’t intentional to start with. We had a busy summer where we visited some new places and and parks, attended a lot of weddings and work got a bit hectic. Then the dark nights started creeping in and we couldn’t really find the energy to write and edit when we got home.

But underpinning it all was a deep longing to be back in our favourite place that we aren’t able to fulfil.

You see, to be blunt, another holiday in Orlando is not on the cards for us any time soon. Perhaps not even in the next five years.

And that reality has taken us some time to get our heads around.

We started this blog to share our passion for theme parks, but there’s no denying that Disney parks – and the Orlando parks in particular – are where our hearts really lie.

Without another trip planned, we’ve struggled to find our mojo when it comes to our blog and YouTube. Not because we don’t have anything left to say – we have loads. But because we’re struggling to immerse ourselves in the ‘Orlando’ community when we don’t know when we’ll be going again.

Call it really, really petulant FOMO if you will.

We have so many people’s videos to watch, posts to read and lives to catch up on. And we just haven’t been able to face any of it. And we can’t think of anything worse than expecting people to watch and read our content when we’re really struggling to engage with theirs.

We don’t want this to become a WDW bashing session – it’s our favourite place in the world after all – but the truth is, the prices have hit a level where it’s no longer affordable for us.

And my oh my is that gut-wrenching.

It has been pointed out that this is exactly what Disney’s trying to do. They want to discourage people who can only just afford to go, and instead, get the rich flocking to their gates. And by god, they’ve got their way.

At some point in life, other priorities have to come first; like buying a house, starting a family, and investing in our careers. Something has to give, and £7k for a Florida trip is one of the things that can easily give first.

But what does that mean for Walk in the Parks? What is this blog without a hefty dose of new Orlando content every year?

Well, Charlotte’s been doing some work in the background to re-define the purpose of the blog and to think about what it is we REALLY want to focus on. We’re still not there yet, but hopefully we’ll get some more clarity soon.

We’re hoping to venture to Disneyland Paris more next year too, so hopefully there’ll be some content covering allll our thoughts about what’s going on there.

There’s still loads of Disney things we want to write about, so we’re going to try and ease back into the community that way. We are also desperate to finished our Orlando 2018 YouTube series before 2019 is out, but we’ll see how we get on with that one.

Until then, we’re sorry if we haven’t been very supportive members of the Disney community lately, we’ll try and get our hearts back in it soon.

Keep smiling, Charlotte & Carl x

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  • Jane 15th November 2019 at 10:12 am

    Totally understand this and how you are feeling. We have been extremely lucky to have been able to visit Orlando twice in the past 12 months but we wont be going back for at least another 18 months as we just cant afford to. Its a wonderful holiday but it is so expensive, we are fortunate in that Tom gets a good chunk of overtime which is what pays for these trips – without that we wouldn’t be going.

    Sending you both a massive big hug xxxx

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