Disney Dieters January Review

3rd February 2020 3 min read

We’re bringing something a little bit different to you all today. In our 2020 goals post we shared our desire to focus on losing weight this year, and how we wanted to bring more of that journey to this blog.

Today is the first of those posts, as we discuss how much weight we lost in Jan, what we’ve done to get there and how we’ve been keeping ourselves motivated.

We know this type of post isn’t for everyone, but we’ve met quite a few people who have a ‘Fit for Florida’ aim in 2020 and if it helps even one of those people, we’ve done a good job.

How much weight have we lost in January?

We’re both coming in with a solid 8lb loss in January. Although I (Charlotte) was hoping for a little bit more, we’ve both lost consistently every week and have to remind ourselves this is a long-term journey, not a quick fix.

What diet have we been doing?

We’ve both been following different diets. Carl has been reducing his calories using My Fitness Pal, and Charl has been attending Slimming World classes.

Both diets have been working in their own way, and we’re pleased with the plans we’ve chosen. We both eat Slimming World friendly meals on an evening but have different food during the day.

What exercise have we been doing?

Honestly, not much. We decided to take baby steps towards this since we really wanted to focus on our diets in January.

Instead of grand plans to join the gym and work out five times a week, we committed to increasing our step count every day.

I (Charlotte) walk to and from the station at work, so made the commitment to push my steps up to 10,000 a day. Carl, who drives to work, aimed for 7,000.

With the exception of a few lazy weekends, we’ve both managed to stick to this one and it’s definitely helped us to burn some extra calories and stay on track.

Things we’ve loved in January…

Positive thinking – Carl is naturally a pretty positive thinker, but I’m quite pessimistic by nature. I’ve really had to train myself to think happy thoughts over the last month and honestly, it’s had a massive impact on the success of my new healthy eating routine. I don’t think I’d have achieved what I have if I hadn’t changed the way I’ve been thinking.

Fakeaway Friday’s – In order to help us save money and not feel deprived we’ve been having what we’ve dubbed fakeaway Friday. All it really means is we make a homemade version of a takeaway every Friday. So far we’ve had Chicken Balti, homemade burgers and chips and healthy pizzas made on tortilla wraps. All were delicious and help us to feel a little bit less deprived!

Journalling – I’ve been journalling my way through the month and it’s honestly helped me so much on this journey so far. If you’re struggling to lose weight I urge you to pick up a journal and start writing your thoughts down, you’ll soon uncover some of the reasons why you needed to lose weight in the first place.

So that’s it, our Disney dieters January review! Are you on a Fit for Florida mission? Share your tips with us in the comments.

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