6 magical things we miss about Walt Disney World

6th February 2020 4 min read
Main Street confectionery is one of the main things we miss in Walt Disney World

Not having an Orlando holiday on the horizon when you’re a massive Disney theme parks fan is an almighty bummer. In fact, it’s such a bummer that we wrote a whole blog post about it.

It’s super-duper easy to miss Walt Disney World, and we’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

In a quest to get some of our feelings off our chest, we decided to write this post about it. It might be a little sad and depressing – and some if you may even think we need to get a life – but so be it.

We can’t afford a trip to the magic this year, but we’ll let you into a little secret. We’ll be back one day. And as the great man Walt once said, ‘If you can dream, you can do it’. 

In a quest to get the feelings of longing off our chest, here are six things we miss most about the most magical place on earth.

First up is Carl…

Pirates, main street and his wife's excitement are three of the things carl misses in Disney World

1. The smell of main street USA

Let’s face it, not only is Main Street USA the best street in the world. But it’s also the best smelling street in the world. Especially the aromas hitting your nostrils from the Main Street Confectionary.

It’s the most perfect smell and as soon as it hits my nostrils I know I’m in Disney World. I also miss the S’mores from there like you wouldn’t believe.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean 

I miss the feeling of amazement and awe that I experience on this ride. Even though I’ve stated recently that I think the Disneyland Paris version is superior, I’ll never forget my first ride on pirates and I long to be back on this beauty.

3. Charlotte’s face in Disney World

That’s right I said my wife’s face. No I don’t mean her actual face; she didn’t leave her face at All Star Sports during our last stay. That would be weird.

Her face is safe and sound on that beautiful and brilliant little head of hers. What I mean is the look on her face. It’s the look she’s had during both our two-week trips to Orlando together, a look of sheer happiness. Like nothing at all can beat that moment right there stood watching Happily Ever After.

It’s an incredible face to behold. 

It’s a special smile. Not a smile for everyday but a smile for life’s big events and moments. She’s has had this smile a few times in the five years we’ve been together. She had it on our wedding day. She had it on the day she met her nephew for the first time. She also has it when thinking of wonderful memories of her late father.

Something about Walt Disney World makes Charlotte smile in a way I can’t think about without feeling emotional. Its legitimately her happy place. It’s a place where she feels whole, content and safe. The way everybody feels there.

I didn’t get the whole ‘Disney’ thing until the first time I stepped into Magic Kingdom on our honeymoon and saw my new wife with tears of joy running down her face. At that moment I got it. It hit me. Disney isn’t just about how it makes you feel its also about how it makes the people you love feel. 

I will get my wife back to Disney World. I’m going to work my behind off and save like mad to make it happen.

Next up is Charl…

4. The true sense of escapism

The kinds words Carl said about me above are all true. One of the things I love most about Disney World as a thirty-something is that it’s a place I can truly escape. When the stresses of life feel insurmountable, Disney World helps me forget, even if it’s just for a moment.

The minute you drive into that archway, you’re immediately transported into a different world where your life at home feels so far away from where you are. I love that about Disney and it’s absolutely one of the things I miss most.

5. The friendly people

Barely an hour goes by at Disney when you’re not treated to kind words and exceptional customer service. And that isn’t exclusive to the awesome cast members. It also applies to fellow park guests.

Sure, you get the odd miserable twat. But in general everyone is just really thrilled to be there. That, coupled with the friendly nature of Americans, means you’re always left feeling welcomed and happy. People say hi on the bus in a morning for gods sake. On my train journey to work I can’t get the hint of a smile out of the people I commute with every day. In those bleak moments, I can’t help miss the openness of conversations at Disney.

6. The food and drink

Finally, I really bloody miss the food and drink. As we’ve been on a self-imposed Disney diet since January 1st, I’ve found myself daydreaming about the Yak & Yeti honey chicken and the beef kofta’s from the Moroccan food and wine booth.

We were so lucky to have the Disney Dining Plan the last few times we visited Orlando and we ate some of the best treats Disney has to offer.

We might not be able to do an on-site stay next time, but I sure am excited to consume the food and drink at Disney again one day.

So there you have it, the six magical things we miss from Disney World. What things do you miss when you’re not there? Let us know in the comments!

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