Phantasialand’s Hotel Ling Bao Review

15th March 2020 6 min read
The outside of Hotel Ling Bao at Phantasialand

Join us as we review the stunning Hotel Ling Bao at Phantasialand theme park in Germany.

Although our budget doesn’t always allow it, we love staying onsite at theme park hotels. Rather than leaving the park for a night at the Best Western or Travelodge, we love that a night onsite allows us to be completely immersed in the theme park experience.

So when we booked our European theme park trip, we really wanted to sneak at least one night in an onsite hotel in. Between Phantasialand and Efteling we had a few to choose from. In the end we settled on Hotel Ling Bao, the Chinese inspired deluxe hotel at Phantasialand.

But did the hotel live up to our expectations? Let’s find out shall we.

The gorgeous Hotel Ling Bao at Phantasialand
The gardens at Hotel Ling Bao at Phantasialand

Why we chose Hotel Ling Bao

Honestly, this one came down to price.

Originally it looked like all the onsite hotels were going to be well out of our price range but Phantasialand pulled through with a 30% off deal that covered the September dates we were looking at.

If I remember rightly Hotel Ling Bao was cheaper than the other accomodation at Phantasialand, Hotel Matamba. It’s also the grander of the two so we were really pleased to choose this one.

How much does Hotel Ling Bao cost?

With a 30% discount we paid £140 for one night at Hotel Ling Bao, booking directly through the Phantasialand website. I have to admit, it’s a pricey place to stay and I don’t think we’d have been able to justify more than one night here.

That said, it was absolutely worth the cost which included breakfast, parking, a free queue jump pass each and extra ride time at the Klugheim attractions – including Phantasialand’s biggest and best attraction Taron. Although I didn’t actually realise this until after I’d booked it because it wasn’t massively well advertised on the Phantasialand website.

The garden at Hotel Ling Bao
Entering Phantasialand from Hotel Ling Bao

Where is Hotel Ling Bao located?

Set in the heart of Phantasialand, Hotel Ling Bao is as near to the park as it’s possible to get.

You don’t need to get a coach or a bus to reach the park on a morning, you simply walk through the hotel gardens until you reach your own private entrance which brings you to the China Town area of the park.

In terms of getting to the hotel from the UK, the nearest airport is Cologne-Bonn. Ryan Air fly there from a number of airports but we did find the times from our local ones in the North of England to be a bit of a ball ache.

From there you can either hire a car and drive it in under half an hour (our preferred method), get in a taxi or jump on public transport from the airport to Bruhl where you can hop on a nice branded bus that goes directly to Phantasialand.

Top Tip: If you are driving, make sure you park in the hotel car park. We ended up in the theme park car park where parking is pretty expensive. It’s free in Hotel Ling Bao but isn’t very well signposted. We managed to find our way eventually with the help of the car park attendant.

We love the bar are at Hotel Ling Bao
The decor at Hotel Ling Bao is gorgeous
The family bedroom at Hotel Ling Bao

The hotel theming

Hotel Ling Bao is Asian-themed. And they’ve done a bloody good job of it too. Everything from the beer they serve (Tiger) to the restaurants and gardens are impeccably themed making you truly feel like you’ve escaped to an Asian paradise.

In terms of decor it feels as super authentic. Or as authentic as I can imagine having never been to Asia.

This isn’t a cheap and cheerful themed experience though, Hotel Ling Bao is deluxe in every sense of the word. The decor is grand, modern and plush and the rooms are beautiful. It’s honestly one of the nicest hotels we’ve ever stayed in.

The staff were fantastic too. We celebrated our anniversary here and they couldn’t do enough to make sure we had a special experience during our time at the hotel. Rose petals in the bed, extra queue jump tickets, a special set-up for our evening meal. You name it, Phantasialand did it.

Top tip: If you’re celebrating something, do mention it when you book. The team at Phantasialand really went above and beyond for us and it made for such a special trip.

The bed at Phantasialand's Hotel Ling Bao
The bathroom at hotel Ling Bao

Rooms and decor

According to the Phantasialand website the rooms at Hotel Ling Bao combine Far Eastern aesthetics, warm colours and modern facilities, and we couldn’t put it better.

The rooms are light, bright and airy which feel very relaxed and zen. Our room had a massive double bed, as well as gorgeous bunk beds and it was massive, it would have easily fit a family with plenty of room to move around.

The bed was big and comfortable, and the shower was a good pressure – very refreshing after a long day at the park.

The room comes with all the amenities you’d expect from a 48 hotel; nice big TV, free wi-fi, a hairdryer and a free bottle of water.

When it comes to the lobby, the decor felt very luxe. Think velvet chairs in deep aquas and purples, light wood floors and sophisticated dark walls. It felt the height of luxury from check in to check out. We loved it.

Food and shopping

There’s two restaurants and in Hotel Ling Bao so you’ll definitely never go hungry.

I’d say you’ll never go without souvenirs as well but although there’s a shop in the hotel, we never actually saw it open. One of the different things we found about Phantasialand is that the park just doesn’t really care about flogging merchandise to you. Which was evidenced by the hotel shop being continually shut.

At least the food options fared better. Hotel Ling Boa boasts two Asian-inspired restaurants; Lu Chi and Bamboo.

Lu Chi is the higher end one, with a Japenese inspired menu of dumplings, dim sum and much much more. A three-course menu will set you back around €47 per person with drinks on top, so it’s a fairly pricey dinner out. We can’t judge the food here as we didn’t eat there but it looks very swanky and tasty.

We did however eat breakfast and dinner in Bamboo. The dinner was yummy, it was a buffet featuring the cuisines of Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. We had a bit from each ‘country’ and found it all to be pretty tasty. Even Carl ate something from each place and he’s a really fussy eater.

The staff here were amazing as well. Reception must have passed down that we were celebrating our anniversary and they made a real fuss over us. The trip had been a little bumpy up to this point and I couldn’t have felt more thankful for such amazing service.

I can’t remember much about the breakfast, but it was varied and plentiful with lots of lovely fresh fruit.

Top tip: If you want to eat in Bamboo make sure you book in advance, the restaurant gets busy so you want to make sure you get a table at a decent time. We did this by emailing the reservations team at Phantasialand.

Bedroom at Hotel Ling Bao Phantasialand

The best and worst bits

The best bits:

  • Beautiful decor, comfortable bed and nice shower – the room was the ultimate place to relax after a busy day
  • Extra ride time on Taron – a walk-on Taron is an experience money can’t buy
  • Amazing service, we were literally treated like VIPs for our entire stay
  • Special entrance to the park – it was great to arrive right in the middle of the magic, and to walk in close to Taron to hop in the queue first-thing

The worst bits:

  • The food and drink was fairly expensive for what it was
  • The shop being shut was a bit odd, I’d have liked to have bought a souvenir
  • Not very well sign posted to get there you defo have to perfect your German to ask around

Finally, is Hotel Ling Bao a good hotel for couples?

Yes, yes, yes! The muddy decor, upmarket food and drinks and romantic setting make this the PERFECT hotel for a romantic getaway. Book it now!

Have you ever stayed at Hotel Ling Bao? What did you think? If you haven’t, would you like to stay there in the future?

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