The Highs and Lows of Be Our Guest Restaurant

22nd April 2020 6 min read
The entrance to Be Our Guest restaurant

Be Our Guest restaurant is one of the most popular places dine at Walt Disney World. Thinking of adding it to your bucket list but not sure if it’s worth it? We share the highs and lows of this popular Magic Kingdom eatery.

A bit about Be Our Guest Restaurant

Where is Be Our Guest restaurant?

Be Our Guest is a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant situated in the new Fantasyland area of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. You’ll find it opposite Seven Dwarf Mine Train. As it’s located in the Magic Kingdom park, you’ll need a valid theme park ticket to get in.

Be Our Guest Restaurant opening times

Be Our Guest is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It opens at 8am–10.30am for breakfast, 11am–2.30pm for lunch and 4pm–9.30pm for dinner.

Breakfast and lunch are classed as quick service (or self-service) and dinner is table service. If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan you can eat here for breakfast and lunch on the Quick Service Dining Plan, and the Disney Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan Plus and Deluxe Disney Dining Plan also include dinner which is classed as a 2-credit table-service meal.

How to book Be Our Guest restaurant

You’ll need to snag a reservation on the MyDisneyExperience app. We’d suggest booking it at 180 days out as it does get busy, especially if you’re wanting a peak reservation time.

If you’re staying at an on-site Disney Hotel you can book for any day of your holiday once you hit the 180 day mark. If you’re off-site you’ll need to book it exactly 180 days out from the day you want to visit.

The Beasts Castle
The waiting area at Be Our Guest restaurant

The highs of Be Our Guest restaurant

Early MAGIC KINGDOM park entry

Be Our Guest is the only quick service restaurant you can book, which means if you get an early enough spot, you get in Magic Kingdom before the crowds hit.

We like to book an 8-8.30am sitting for a 9am park opening and the benefit is two-fold. You get to head up a relatively quiet Main Street which is the perfect opportunity for people-less castle shots. You can also get your breakfast eaten before the park officially opens, meaning you can head straight for the Fantasyland rides when there’s minimal queue.

We always use this time to hit those rides we don’t think are worth a FastPass, but which get really big queues like Peter Pan’s Flight. It’s also a good time to head into the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train queue if you didn’t manage to snag a FastPass – as this always gets one of the longest queues of the day.

The SETTING and atmosphere

We haven’t dined at all the restaurants in the world, but I’ll say with some conviction that this is one of the best-themed dining experiences anywhere.

The first time we entered the ballroom we were truly astounded. The theming is beautiful and it’s something that videos and pictures can’t do justice. It’s just stunning. Replicating the ballroom where Belle and the Beast dance in the most famous scene from Beauty and the Beast, it really is straight out of the movie.

There are three rooms in total in Be Our Guest. The ballroom is the grandest of the three, and is where we’d advise you eat if you can get a seat. But there’s also the west wing and the castle gallery which are inspired by the beasts lair and the other characters from Beauty and the Beast respectively.

Along with the look of the three dining halls, the atmosphere is magical too. There’s snow falling outside the windows, ambient music plays, you get to actually eat ‘the grey stuff’ and the cast members ‘magically’ know where to send your food to at breakfast and lunch.

If you’re a first-timer at Walt Disney World, this reservation has to be on your must-do list for theming and atmosphere alone. We’d advise trying too get an early booking on your first full day, it’s the perfect way to kick off your holiday in style.

The west wing at Be Our Guest restaurant
The great ballroom at Be Our Guest restaurant

Great value breakfast and lunch on the Disney Dining Plan

If you’re using the Disney Dining Plan, Be Our Guest restaurant is by far one of the best uses of a quick service credit.

Be Our Guest restaurant is available as a quick service meal for breakfast and lunch, and it’s well worth the credits. If you compare the ‘value’ of both meals, you can see below how it compares to other quick service places in Magic Kingdom.


Be Our Guest: Feast a la Gaston – scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, roasted potatoes, fresh fruit and pastries – $29

Sleepy Hollow: Breakfast egg and cheese waffle sandwich – $8.99


Be Our Guest: Croque Monsieur – grilled sandwich of carved ham and Gruyere Cheese and béchamel with fries – $15.99

Casey’s Corner: All-beef hot dog meal with fries – $9.99

So as you can see, the most substantial saving is at breakfast but you’re still getting the most for your credits with lunch at Be Our Guest over the other quick service places in Magic Kingdom. You might think twice if you’re paying out of pocket but it’s a definite must for getting value out of your dining plan.

Beast meet and greet at dinner

The beast is a pretty unique character to meet. You don’t normally see him strolling around the Magic Kingdom, so getting the chance to meet him as part of a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest restaurant is a definite high.

Unfortunately this meet and great isn’t available with breakfast or lunch, but it does make the two-credits you’ll need to part with for dinner feel more bearable.

We haven’t actually done this ourselves, but we’ve heard very good things about it from our friends who have. There’s a photo pass photographer here too so it’s a good snap to add to your memory maker list.

A picture of feast a la Gaston at Be Our Guest restaurant
A picture of the pastries at Be Our Guest restaurant
The breakfast at Be Our Guest restaurant


It’s pretty pricey

This is really reiterating our point above, but $29 for a breakfast is bloody expensive. Especially when your breakfast is plain old sausage, egg and bacon. It doesn’t get much better for dinner either. As a two-credit restaurant on the Disney Dining plan, a main course here will set you back a whopping $62.

Sure the food sounds tasty, but it really would need to be at over $120 for a couple, and that doesn’t include drinks, appetisers or tips.

If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, you don’t really need to worry about this but if you’re paying out of pocket it’s way above the average daily spending allowance and you’ll need to weigh up whether you think it’s worth it.

If we were planning a budget Disney trip, we’d honestly probably miss this one out and head for Gaston’s Tavern for a cinnamon roll and a LeFou’s Brew instead.

A bit chaotic

Although we maintain the atmosphere in the restaurant is A+, it can feel a bit chaotic at times during the quick service hours. The main hall is large and the sound of the cutlery and people does feel like it fills the room.

You find your own table and self-service your drinks during breakfast and lunch so there’s lots of people milling around trying not to spill Diet Coke all over the place.

The west wing is beautifully themed but as the smallest (and darkest) of the three dining rooms, it is a bit too bleak and crowded to get too much enjoyment out of when you’re eating.

Average food

When Be Our Guest opened – and indeed the first time we visited in 2017 – the food received almost universal praise. People really, really liked this joint.

But there seems to be a general consensus amongst Disney Parks fans that it has lost its way. Be Our Guest is a premium experience with a premium price tag, so you expect the food to deliver. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

As we’ve only eaten breakfast here we can attest that although it’s perfectly nice, you can get practically the same thing for half the price at the Disney hotel restaurants.

We’ve also spoken to a few people that have eaten lunch and dinner here and they reported similar feelings. In fact, our friend Jamie said that although the atmosphere is amazing, their dinner was actually the worst meal they had during their entire trip.

Be Our Guest is charging the big bucks, and the food they serve just isn’t up to scratch with the other 2-credit table-service experiences like TheBOATHOUSE, California Grill and Le Cellier.

So there we have it, our hits and misses of Be Our Guest restaurant. Have we missed anything you love or hate about this place? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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The pros and cons of Be Our Guest restaurant

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