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26th April 2020 5 min read

Don’t get me wrong, we love the Magic Kingdom. But in some people’s eyes, this place can do no wrong. We’re here to say that despite what Twitter might tell you, this most magical place on earth is not faultless. Heck, it’s not even the best castle park we’ve been to (hello, Disneyland Park in Paris).

And although – with strict lockdown rules still firmly in place – we’d love nothing more than to be walking up Main Street right now, we thought we’d have a bit of fun by sharing nine overrated things in Magic Kingdom.

Now I’ll confess before we get started that one of these didn’t come from us. We put a call-out on our social media channels for people’s opinions so although lots of people agreed with us, there’s one sprinkled in that we’ve not experienced.

1. Space Mountain

Well where do we start with Space Mountain? Nearly every Disney fan we meet absolutely gushes over this hunk of junk and you know what, it’s just not that good.

The thing is rough as shit and janks you around all over the place, not to mention the fact your party is often split up when they load you into the vehicles.

I know this is a classic Magic Kingdom attraction, and I absolutely adore the building aesthetic, but when Tron opens we’ll be praying for a pretty major coaster overhaul of this one.

2. Peter Pan’s Flight

Can someone please tell me what all the fuss is about with this ride? It came up multiple times when we asked social media for their opinions on the most overrated things in Magic Kingdom and we have to agree. It gets 1.5 hour+ queues on the regular and it’s… ok. Nothing special.

Sure, the ride vehicle is cool, the queue is amazing and again, it’s a classic Disney attraction. But it’s missing a truly immersive storyline and it’s literally over in a flash. After you’ve lost blood, sweat and tears queuing for two hours to experience it, you can’t help but feel a bit let down. Definitely one to snag a Fastpass for if you have a few days in Magic Kingdom.

For a truly magical Disney dark ride experience in Fantasyland, we’d suggest Journey of the Little Mermaid, it’s an A+ attraction that’s way more fun than Peter Pan’s Flight.

3. Casey’s Corner

We’ve covered our thoughts on Casey’s Corner before but to give you a brief overview, it was overcrowded, barely warm and a crap hot dog. So not really a rave review from us.

Carl is a true sausage connoisseur and he was majorly let down by this place. It could be because the hot dogs are beef not pork like we have in the UK, but either way, it was crap.

This is another Disney bucket list restaurant but for us that just fell short. There are much better places to go for a quick service meal in Magic Kingdom. Maybe try Pecos Bills instead, the food is great and there’s plenty of places to sit down of you want to rest your tired arse.

4. The Emporium

As the grandest, biggest store in Magic Kingdom you’d expect the Emporium to be a treasure trove of Disney goodness. But every time we’ve been in for a good rummage around I’ve been left disappointed.

The range of merch here is so generic and boring. Now I know they need to cater to everyone and there’s speciality shops for the really good stuff. But I honestly don’t think I’ve bought more than Minnie Ears here and the selection for those is pretty poor.

If I want to browse a great range of non-specialist Disney merch I’ll head to Mouse Gear in Epcot. It might not look as good from the outside, but the merch on offer is way, way better.

5. Be Our Guest Restaurant

We recently covered the pros and cons of Be Our Guest restaurant and although we like this place, it had to make it on our list of overrated things in Magic Kingdom.

For starters, getting a reservation is harder than getting a Fastpass for Flight of Passage. The food is also pretty average and man, is it overpriced.

Sure, if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan there’s no harm in booking a reservation here – the theming itself is worth it. But if you’re paying out of pocket or planning a budget Disney trip, you’re probably best off grabbing a cinnamon roll at Gaston’s Tavern and cracking on with your day.

The entrance to Be Our Guest restaurant

6. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This one will be a surprise to no-one as it’s regularly considered to be the most overrated ride in Magic Kingdom.

It’s not a terrible attraction – the dwarf animatronic scenes and the queue are pretty awesome. But like Peter Pan’s Flight, it gets ridiculously long queues and is over in a flash.

Also what could have been the rides most interesting feature – the rocking trains – is completely lost when you’re actually on the ride.

Beautiful to look at, and an interesting concept, but one that absolutely isn’t worth the hype.

7. Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Ah, cheeseburger spring rolls. This was the snack we were the most excited to try during our last trip. We’d heard such good things about them and as they were a fairly new addition to the line-up, we were absolutely over the moon to get the chance to try them.

What a let down. They weren’t terrible, they were just entirely unremarkable. Barely tasted of anything. And we had to pay out of pocket as they weren’t classed as a snack on the Disney Dining Plan.

I think they change the flavours of the spring rolls on the regular, but if they ever do come back, I’d save the money.

8. Speciality Cupcakes

I have a confession to make. My name’s Charlotte and I have an irrational problem with Disney World’s speciality cupcakes. By this I mean the ones they launch as limited edition to match the latest colour trend on social media. Rose gold, potion purple, Arandelle blue. You name the trend, Disney has made a cupcake around it.

The issue I have is that they’re made for Instagram, not people’s taste buds. Sure, they look UNREAL but they are just so disappointing to eat. I maintain that if you want a decent tasting sweet snack in Magic Kingdom head to Main Street Bakery, the s’mores and cookies are much more appetising.

9. Cinderella’s Royal Table

Finally this is one that was chosen by our social media pals. Cinderella’s Royal Table is a signature dining experience in Cinderella Castle where you can meet several princesses.

We can’t say too much as we’ve actually never been here but from what we’ve heard we probably won’t bother. One of the main reasons given for this is that it’s overpriced and not very good quality.

I have to say, if you’re travelling without kids like we do, I would certainly give this a miss and get yourself to Skipper Canteen in Adventureland. It has a diverse menu, fab booze and fantastic service.

Some of the other options mentioned on social media that we love too much to include were Pirates of the Caribbean, People Mover and Mickey Pretzel’s. What things do you think are overrated in Magic Kingdom? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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